Combining nature with the urban lifestyle
Welcome to OOWL Eyewear! OOWL is a brand focused around great design with a low environmental impact. Read more about our products and us by scrolling down the page or by using the arrows.
Seeing the bigger perspective
Our glasses are made of raw materials such as wood, compared to other manufactures that produce their products in non-recyclable materials. Our glasses are highly recyclable with frames made of 100% wood. Every product that we create needs to acknowledge that it is a part of something bigger, and therefor OOWL will always create products with respect for the environment.
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Living with OOWL
OOWL is a brand that focuses on sustainable design at a low price. We don't think that design have to be expensive or damaging to the environment. OOWL believes in a design that combines nature with the urban lifestyle.
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"Times Square" By Terabass

"Plateau Forest" By Nicholas A. Tonelli

"Above The Clouds" By lx45803